Certified Restorative Nurse Assistant (CRNA) Training Program

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Certified Restorative Nurse Assistant (CRNA) Program:

A 16 Hour Program that will allow a CNA, Certified Nurse Assistant to work in a SNF/LTC Facility under a Supervision of a Licensed Therapist. However, this class training program does not give a CNA credits that can be used to renew a CNA Certificate.

Duties of a CRNA:

A Certified Restorative Nurse Assistant help with rehabilitation and maintaining life skills. Patients receive restorative care at various ages and life stages. This may be part of a rehabilitation treatment plan after an illness or accident where the aim is to restore abilities. It is also commonly used with older patients as part of long-term care treatments with the goal to maintain levels of ability or to stop them from deteriorating to foster independence and quality of life. Restorative aides work as part of medical and therapy teams and are responsible for assisting with day-to-day exercises and program tasks.


As a restorative nurse assistant, you maybe will administer a variety of treatments either independently or as part of a therapy team which may involve physical, occupational and speech therapies, although your job duties will depend on the facility, your patients under a supervision of a Licensed Therapist. You may work on range of motion and progressive mobility exercises, muscle strengthening, ambulation skills and speech therapy and may also help with the development and maintenance of personal skills such as eating, bathing, dressing and grooming. Treatments may target rehabilitation or help people retain the ability to do simple everyday tasks. You’ll also need to keep records of the work you do as part of a treatment plan; you may also be responsible for maintaining and cleaning equipment.


CRNA’s work in many different environments and with patients of all ages and treatment needs. Many work in general hospitals or medical centers; some are employed in outpatient or inpatient rehabilitation centers. Aides who work with older people often work in nursing homes, long-term care facilities or assisted living communities. Some jobs require you to work with patients in their own homes, giving either ongoing therapy or short-term treatment plans.

Skills and Qualifications

TVSN, requires an active CNA Certification to sit for the training.  Most people moving into these roles typically already have a certified nurse assistant license with some months of on-the-job experience.  The job requires good communication skills — you need to build relationships with your patients and your team. You also need to be physically fit as the job potentially involves a lot of standing, walking and some lifting.



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