CNA to LVN Assistance


Method 3: Qualification Based on Experience and/or Equivalency:

This is not a course/program but a “free”assistance offered by Temecula Valley School of Nursing from preparation of the exam application to submission. However, ┬áTemecula Valley School of Nursing, does not guarantee approval towards qualifying to Challenge for a LVN Licensure, but by BVNP. Temecula Valley School of Nursing will only assist prospective applicants who may qualify to sit for a LVN License examination and determination is only by the BVNPT after evaluation of application.

This type of examination is to Challenge the BVNPT (Board of Vocational Nurse and Psychiatric Technician) to acquire a VN Licensure. However, this method requires qualifying experience such as;

a) 5 years of “paid bedside” medical surgical work experience in a Skilled Nursing or Long Term Care facility, hospital, rehabilitation centers;

b) 1.5 months of Maternity and Pediatric experience;

Prospective candidates who may qualify, also includes MA’s and Dialysis technicians with 10 years of experience who might be required more paid bedside hours which can be covered by taking the required course at a maternity or pediatric clinic and/or in a classroom with an approved LVN Program provider in lieu to experience. Foreign nurses, midwives may also Challenge the BVNPT for a LVN Licensure.

A 54 hour Pharmacology Course as a General requirement by the BVNPT, is also required.

If you think you have the qualification you are welcome to come in with a list of your paid work experience and complete facility information.

For more detailed information, please and please visit and search for VN Licensure by Examination and look for the Method3:


Visit us you might already have the qualification to do CNA to LVN, we offer free assistance, if you are a candidate to challenge the BVNPT.